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What can you do for Mother Nature? You can partner with her.

CariMarine designs eco-partnerships, which are essentially pledges in writing by businesses, governments, organizations and communities to take greater responsibility for protection of the environment – the benefits of which are increased food, water and energy supplies, clean air and water, better climate, healthier coasts, seas and marine ecosystems and continual provision of nature’s eco goods and services.

CariMarine creates and maintains eco-partnerships between people and nature to

  • Build climate resilience
  • Conserve nature for the benefit of existing and future generations
  • Enhance energy, food and water security
  • Improve coastal and rural communities
  • Improve national and regional eco-balance
  • Promote sustainable economic growth
  • Protect coastal and marine areas
  • Strengthen co-operation between business community and the environment

CariMarine’s eco-partnerships are designed to increase co-operation on terrestrial and maritime environmental issues. Our Eco-partnerships entail agreements on:

  • Climate Change adaptation
  • Eco-management (marine and terrestrial)
  • Environmental protection
  • Freshwater conservation
  • Ocean protection and preservation
  • Sustainable Energy