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Maritime HR Services

The maritime industry, as with any other industry, faces its own unique human resources challenges, and equally is presented with its own unique human resources opportunities. CariMarine can assist with key aspects of human resources management in the maritime industry, including practices and issues associated with recruitment, training, development, personnel retention, achieving work-life balance, maintaining employee health and well-being, risk and crises management.

CariMarine, assisted by its HR consultants, can

  • develop marine sector specific HR strategies to suit your organization’s needs
  • create personalized marine sector job profiles
  • help in establishing marine job role requirements
  • facilitate sourcing and supply of the best candidates for your organization’s staffing needs
  • audit for legislative compliance with marine industry human resources and maritime labour standards, including preparation of corrective action measures based on audit findings
  • develop comprehensive marine-work-setting health  and well-being promotion programs
  • provide support in design of  reward and performance appraisal initiatives
  • provide fully supported change management programs (whether your organization is restructuring, making roles redundant, implementing cultural change or introducing a new technology)
  • develop organizational-specific marine training programs, including training programs for organizations operating in the environmental and water resources arenas
  • design any customized HR service to suit your organization’s employee empowerment goals