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Research & Education

Investment in knowledge is critical to sustainable prosperity and solidarity. CariMarine recognizes the value of research and education to Blue and Green growth. Knowledge production and educational pursuits in these sectors promotes sustainable economic development, as research output influences economic growth. CariMarine understands that human capital accounts for approximately two-thirds of the wealth of nations. Economic and human development are interconnected. In this vein we offer services to enhance human capital value for the Blue and Green economies via our research and education services.

Research Services

Our research is focused on key areas within the Blue and Green Sectors and includes, but not limited to:

  • Ocean Governance and the Blue Economy
  • Environmental Governance and the Green Economy
  • Climate Change
  • Sustainable Energy Development
  • Natural Resources Management and Development
  • Indigenous Peoples, Gender, Culture and Development (specifically as it relates to Blue and Green Sectors)
  • Trade, Commerce and Economic Development in the Blue and Green Sectors

CariMarine specializes in the following research services:

Research Consultations

We consult with you on specific research interests within our broad research focus areas as above listed. Simply fill out the contact form on our Contact Us Page to schedule a research consultation.

Tailored Research Services

Knowledge is key to growth and development in the Blue and Green industries. CariMarine offers tailored research services for clients in various sectors within the maritime, climate, energy and eco sectors.

The benefits of CariMarine Research Services:

  • Assists in making more informed decisions
  • Customized research to eliminate guess work out of the decision-making process
  • Provides comprehensive research
  • Interpretation of your own raw data and findings
  • User-friendly reporting on research findings
  • Prints and publishes the final report

Educational Services

Specialized education in the maritime and environmental fields is a key tool in building sustainable societies. The Blue and Green sectors will thrive on a specially trained, skilled and competent workforce. At CariMarine we:

  • Liaise with educational institutions to design, develop and implement specific programs for primary, secondary and tertiary institutions
  • Collaborate with companies to create tailored-specific programs for their staff
  • Facilitate development of sector-specific education institutions/centres
  • Craft specialized educational programs and projects tailored to national and Caribbean regional maritime industry and workforce needs
  • Provides quality education and training services in various maritime and maritime-related subject areas

Through education, CariMarine aims to promote a Blue and Green market that fosters a new generation of well-informed suppliers, consumers, workers, policy and decision-makers.