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Our Clients

CariMarine’s clientele is local, regional and international in character. We cater to:

Public sector organizations 
We work alongside the public sector to ensure adequate policies and programs are implemented to promote sustainable growth

Non-governmental Organizations
We advise, consult and liaise with non-governmental organizations having maritime, environmental, climate change and related interests

We assist companies in achieving their social and environmental objectives in a way that increases their value and aligns with the company’s goals and vision

We assist individuals with maritime and environmental matters directly affecting them; as well as small business operators, such as farmers and fishers directly reliant on ecosystem services for their survival. We also promote the rights of indigenous peoples

Indigenous Peoples
We assist indigenous peoples living in coastal and riparian communities in protecting their fundamental rights, rights to life security, culture, religion and language laws, education, media and employment, participation and development, land, tenure rights, resource access rights and implementation of indigenous customs and practices into law and policy

Women, women groups and gender-centered organizations with special environmental issues
CariMarine lobbies for improved livelihoods of women directly reliant on the environment by nature of their work. We address specific factors related to environmental conservation, climate change, sustainability, resource-use and women; promote gender-based rights and participation of women in maritime and environmental leadership and decision-making; ensure equal access of women to basic education and access to agricultural land, property, terrestrial and marine resources, credit. We draft gender instruments, gender mainstream policies so that women can equally benefit therefrom and avoid them being negatively impacted on by policies and decisions. We assist in international gender law and policy implementation

The Environment
We fight for protection of Planet Earth through lobbying for environmental justice, environmental and ocean governance, advocating for stronger environmental laws and sustainable policies to ensure its preservation for existing and future generations