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About Us

Origin and Purpose  

CariMarine Industry Development and Consultancy Services is rooted the Founder’s deep love and high respect for Mother Nature. The desire to protect Mother Earth’s terrestrial and marine environs strengthened at each stage of the Founder’s life – from childhood wild gully hikes and informal beach clean-ups to more structured and disciplined pursuits via rigorous and highly specialized studies in environment, maritime, climate change, energy and water.

CariMarine’s team is diverse – all coming from different academic and professional backgrounds, which lends for a unique blend of knowledge, skills and competence.  It is this varied experience that enables us to offer a plethora of services to a variety of clients. Our services were specially crafted to suit the clientele we aim to serve. To this end, our clientele is not limited to individuals, companies, governments and organizations, but also includes Mother Nature. To CariMarine, the environment is a living being which must be protected, her resources sustainably used for the benefit of all and her condition preserved for continued use by existing and future generations. Hence, we have specially catered services to ensure a balance between human and ecological needs and we make a special effort to raise environmental awareness and promote greater respect for the environment. This is to ensure that the ecosystem services and goods that Mother Nature freely provides and upon which our economies depend, continue to be available.

Recognizing that for too long the environment has been placed secondary in the legal and economic sphere and wanting to join in the efforts of the global community in protecting and preserving the environment and by extension improving the livelihoods of those, like farmers, fishers and indigenous peoples who directly rely on the environment for their survival, CariMarine was born to serve Mother Nature and mankind and to foster a tighter kinship between man and his environment through various modes including laws, policies, research, education and community outreach programs.

The winds and waves are changing globally, and there is a continuous shifting paradigm towards conserving environment and the oceans to enable sustainable economic growth. CariMarine is on a pathway to transcending current efforts so as to ensure that Mother Nature is left in no worst condition than she was found, to try to repair the damage she has already suffered in so far as is humanly possible as well as prevent future damage, to promote eco-friendlier attitudes and behaviours, to create conditions in which economies and societies can flourish, and to promote stronger laws and policies to enhance the value of the environment and human life.