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Coastal and Marine Estate Management and Planning

Coastal and marine spatial planning (CMSP) is the process of allocating and distributing human activities at sea in order to equitably balance ecological, economic and social objectives within a marine space and a mechanism by which coastal planners use to make better decisions about ocean use. As the need for ocean space grows ocean use conflicts will increase. These conflicts can be addressed through CMSP. CMSP is key to addressing ocean management challenges and advancing of environmental conservation.

CariMarine promotes holistic and integrated management of the seas and coastal areas in order to attain productivity and sustainability in maritime spaces. Commensurate with international best practices we treat the ocean as a maritime estate, factoring in: the sea itself, the marine resources therein, coastal waters, estuaries, coastal wetlands, maritime forests, fresh water areas connected to the sea, islands (natural and artificial) and lands immediately adjacent or approximate to coastal waters.

The marine estate approach allows for management of the seas as a single continuous system through planning and coordination to achieve positive outcomes for coastal communities, the maritime industry and marine environment. We employ the CMSP strategy to effectively balance the multiple ocean uses and associated benefits.

We advise on:

  • policy directions for management of marine estate as a single, harmonious continuous system
  • management priorities within the marine estate
  • how to balance economic growth with commercial, recreational, ecological, cultural and social uses of the marine estate and how to generate significant benefits from these uses
  • marine estate conservation
  • marine planning law, policy and legislation
  • sustainable ways of generating revenue from the marine estate

CariMarine assists stakeholders in identifying:

  • an appropriate communications, education and stakeholder plan
  • economic, environmental and social objectives within the marine estate
  • governance systems for marine planning and policy implementation, evaluation and reporting
  • modes of promoting regulatory best practice within the marine estate
  • suitable mid-term and long-term planning approaches and management strategies
  • key initiatives within the marine estate

CariMarine specialises in the relevant CMSP instruments to balance varying marine uses and avoid use conflicts, including, but not limited to:

  • drafting coastal and marine planning legislation and policies
  • designing ecosystem-based coastal and marine spatial plans
  • establishment of marine development permitting and licensing regimes (we create licensing and permitting schemes for geospatial operations, construction of artificial islands, laying of submarine cables and pipelines, offshore wind and solar energy plants, ferrying and much more)

Proper planning and management of our marine estates secures our rights, interests and uses of the ocean while protecting the maritime environment; and secures healthy and viable seas and coastal areas for inheritance by future generations.