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Marine and environmental protection and preservation requires a collective effort. CariMarine recognises the crucial role corporations can play in bettering the environment. To this end, we assist businesses in their efforts to operate sustainably. CariMarine works with businesses to develop:

  • precise plans for achieving an environmental work culture
  • company-specific maritime and/or environmental policies and programs for the internal operation of the company

CariMarine also ensures regulatory compliance of companies with applicable environmental and maritime laws. As part of our corporate services, we prepare annual corporate responsibility reports (as requested by companies) outlining, inter alia, the modes by which a company played its role in conducting its business responsibly and expressing a company’s view point on which environmental issues they deem most relevant to investors.

Our corporate services include

  • Advice on global frameworks and best practice relating to companies
  • Design of tailored-specific plans to promote responsible corporate practices
  • Identification of performance indicators
  • Preparation of annual corporate responsibility reports
  • Support in development of corporate ocean and environmental policies, guidelines, initiatives
  • Support with employee training and awareness raising

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