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CariMarine specializes in a range of maritime legal services, including:
  • International Maritime Law and Policy
  • Admiralty Law and Practice
  • Shipping Law
  • Regulatory and Compliance (CMI, BIMCO, IMO, ILO, UNCLOS, UNESCO and other international marine and maritime regulatory regimes)
  • Seaport Law
  • Blue Economy Development


CariMarine also provides sustainability-focused services.  Protection of the oceans, preservation of biodiversity, regulation of climate, conservation of wildlife and marine mammals, restoration of degraded terrestrial and marine areas and integrated ecosystem management are areas within which CariMarine can provide policy and legal support. We offer policy, legal and regulatory services in the following areas:
  • Environmental Law
  • Environmental and Social Justice (including environmental-related human rights and Nature rights)
  • Fisheries Law and Policy
  • Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning Law and Policy
  • Climate Change Law and Policy
  • Maritime Energy Law and Policy
  • International Water Law and the Law on Transboundary Aquifers
  • Natural Resources Law and Policy
  • Marine Heritage Law
  • Indigenous Peoples Law, particularly indigenous peoples’ rights in relation to natural resources
  • Gender Law and Policy, particularly gender in the maritime, environmental, climate and energy contexts


Our legal services also include:

Maritime and Environmental Legislative Drafting and Policymaking

Maritime and environmental legislation and policy is critical to effective governance and regulation of issues in this sphere, as well as for ensuring sustainable commercial practices and encouraging eco-friendly actions on a whole. At CariMarine we:

  • draft robust and user-friendly maritime and environmental legislation and policies that caters to commercial needs and promotes sustainability
  • design policies that further sustainable development goals
  • promote appropriate legislative and regulatory frameworks that balances environmental protection with economic development

We are cognisant of the needs of the maritime and Green industries, therefore, we draft with clarity and simplicity to ensure swiftness and efficiency in the conduct of business by relevant sectors who would be impacted on by the said legislation and policies.

Specialised Legal Opinions

We write specialised legal opinions on:

  • maritime and environmental legislation and subsidiary regulations
  • compliance issues
  • regulatory requirements (including authorisations, licenses and permits)
  • potential legal risks and liability resulting from any proposed project or policy

Vessel Registry Services

At CariMarine we:

  • provide vessel owners, operators, charterers, lending institutions and their representatives with information necessary to register their vessels in Barbados
  • advise on Barbados regulatory requirements for vessels operating in Barbados’ waters
  • provide consultations to ensure that your documents qualify under Barbados’ laws
  • assist with other requirements under Barbados’ maritime laws

Admiralty and Maritime Legal Services


  • Arrest and detention of ships
  • Arrest of yachts and debt recovery
  • Cargo and freight disputes
  • Charterparty disputes with ships and yachts
  • Collision claims
  • Crew claims
  • Defending Seafarer’s Rights: Abandonment; Contract benefits; Food and shelter; Medical care; Transportation; Wages and tips
  • Maritime Crimes: Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing; Marine Pollution; Smuggling of persons; Smuggling of exotic plants and animals; Trafficking in Persons; Unauthorized entry
  • Marine insurance claims
  • Maritime personal injury and fatal accidents
  • Regulatory breaches
  • Sale of goods claims for defective vessels and yachts and issues related to workmanship
  • Salvage claims
  • General Average claims


  • Charterparty agreements
  • Dockyard health and safety
  • Drafting of marina contracts
  • Drafting of ship and yacht construction contracts
  • Drafting of yacht crew agreements and employment contracts
  • Health and safety aboard vessels and yachts
  • International maritime treaties
  • Maritime boundary issues
  • Maritime legislative assessments and audits
  • Maritime policymaking and legislative drafting
  • Maritime Transport, including ferrying agreements, and agreements relating to construction of underwater transport tunnels)
  • Matters relating to: Artificial islands, laying of submarine cables and pipelines
  • Sale/purchase/registration (ships, yachts, fishing vessels)
  • Specialized legal opinions
  • Vessel finance / mortgages

Environmental Legal Services

  • Ecosystems Services maintenance and development
  • Environmental issues in relation to indigenous peoples and women
  • Environmental advice on construction and infrastructure development
  • Environmental advice on eco-sector development
  • Environmental agreements
  • Environmental legal compliance audits
  • Environmental legal advice for companies
  • Environmental legal advice for governments
  • Environmental legislative assessments and audits
  • Environmental litigation
  • Environmental planning
  • Environmental policymaking and legislative drafting
  • Environmental pollution and health
  • Environmental regulatory advice
  • International environmental treaties
  • Nature Law: Protection against indiscriminate destruction of the natural environment
  • Wildlife law

Water Legal Services

  • Commercial needs of freshwater sector (dispute resolution, employment, environmental, planning, renewable energy projects)
  • Commercial opportunities in the freshwater sector
  • Competition issues relating to competitive segments of sewerage and water markets
  • Construction projects in the water sector
  • Desalination projects
  • Discharge and trade effluent consents
  • Energy efficiency in the freshwater sector
  • Flooding claims
  • Statutory water and sewerage undertakers on regulatory requirements
  • Sustainable development of the freshwater market
  • Community and Agricultural freshwater schemes
  • Freshwater agreements (springs, aquifers, rivers, lakes)
  • Freshwater legislation and policy
  • Legal advisory services concerning International Water Law and Law on Aquifers
  • Legal advisory services relating to development, protection and use of freshwater resources
  • Legal advisory services relating to development of the freshwater economy
  • National water resources legislation
  • Regulatory and compliance issues arising from Water Law
  • Riparian boundary issues
  • Water legislative assessments and audits
  • Water-Energy integrated policies

Climate Change Legal Services

  • Climate Change law and policy (including gender mainstreaming in climate laws and policies)
  • Climate and Energy finance
  • Developing low-carbon maritime industries
  • Energy efficiency in the maritime sector
  • Equity and adaptation
  • Freshwater security and climate change
  • International climate treaties
  • Legal avenues to combat climate change
  • Regulations of greenhouse gas emissions at sea and on land
  • Assistance to courts in streamlining the justice system to deal with climate change
  • Carbon Markets development
  • Climate financing agreements
  • Corporate governance and climate change (advice on climate policy in the corporate sector)
  • Emissions trading agreements
  • Establishment of emissions control areas
  • Mitigation banking

Maritime Energy Legal Services

  • Energy planning and policy for coastal and marine areas
  • Geothermal energy pipelines
  • Green port policy
  • Maritime energy management and regulation
  • Offshore energy permits, licenses and leases
  • Offshore wind and solar development
  • Option to lease agreements, Agreements for lease, lease agreements
  • Sea-to-land / Land-to-sea energy facilities and operations agreements
  • Vessel energy efficiency