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Maritime and Environmental Media and Journalism

Like the birds carrying the word from the winds, CariMarine carries the word from the waves.

Our specialized media and publication services focuses on maritime and environmental subject-matter.

Media Services


  • Designs tailor-made maritime and environmental-themed ads for media and broadcasting entities
  • Writes features about persons, places and events of interests in the maritime and eco world
  • Writes on current maritime and environmental affairs

Publication Services

CariMarine publishes publish in an eco-friendly manner a range of works (academic and non-academic), concerning maritime and environmental matters. We publish:

  • Articles for online news
  • Editorials
  • Features
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters

Our topics range from present-day to historical maritime interests. We capture life at sea from various eras and in various forms from cruise, to commercial, to shipping, to leisure.

Our media also focuses on land-based environmental concerns, given the threat that land-based pollution poses to the marine environment.

This service is also tied to its research and education service, hence we provide opportunities for students of maritime journalism and other maritime studies to publish their works on our media platform.

Individuals with an interest in maritime, environmental, climate change or other related subjects can also publish their works on our site.  *Terms and conditions apply*

Customers will also be privy to works written and published by CariMarine itself.

*Publications Coming Soon

CariMarine’s Blue Education Project ~ Promoting Blue Literacy in Barbados and the Caribbean Region

CariMarine officially launches its Blue Education Project.

If you are a primary, secondary or tertiary level educational institution based in Barbados or in the Caribbean and you wish to add maritime subject-matter to your institution’s curricula then the CariMarine Blue Education Project is for you.

How can you participate in this project?
Simply contact us via e-mail or phone and tell us what type of maritime or maritime-related programs you wish to have, we’ll design the program for you at a commensurate fee.

How can you benefit?
Your institution can become:

  • a provider in maritime education and training
  • a partner with CariMarine (via our maritime educational partnership system, under which institutions can formally enter into a shared-benefit partnership with CariMarine for continual provision of maritime and maritime-related education programs)
  • a recognized supporter of the CariMarine Blue Literacy Movement

In addition, we:

  • advertise your institution on our site as a quality maritime education provider
  • design tailor-made educational packages in environmental, water and climate change and other related subject-areas


*Visit our Research and Education page to also see what other type of research and education services we offer.